Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc., (the “Company”) through its relationship with Brookfield Real Estate Services Manager Limited (the “Manager”), is a leading provider of services to residential real estate brokers and a network of more than 18,000 REALTORS®* across Canada.

The Company generates cash flow from fixed and variable fees that are derived from real estate brokers and agents operating in Canada under the Royal LePage, Via Capitale Real Estate Network and Johnston & Daniel brands. 

Approximately 72 per cent of Company revenue is based on fees that are fixed in nature, providing revenue stability and helping insulate cash flows from market fluctuations. The recurring fixed revenue structure combined with strong brands and successful growth strategy position the Company to continue generating stable, long-term cash flows and paying growing dividends to shareholders.

The Company’s primary objective is to provide superior services to real estate brokers and agents and through them, to consumer-clients, producing an attractive return on investment to shareholders through equity appreciation and growing dividends.  

Revenue streams are protected through long-term franchising agreements, with royalties predominantly driven by fixed fees based on the number of agents in the network, guarding the Company against market downturns.

Growth is produced both organically and through acquisition. Company offices are diversified geographically across Canada, and within a trading area, across culturally distinct markets.

The Company will continue to make strategic and forward-looking investments to ensure and enhance the market leadership position of its brands.

REALTORS® is a trademark identifying real estate licensees in Canada who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

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